Events & Highlights in RC4

19-22 Feb 2017
2nd Asia-Pacific System Dynamics Conference 2017
17 Feb 2017
RC4 Arts Night 2017: P.U.L.S.E.
19 January 2017
[Cognitio Tea] Social Entrepreneurship & YOUths
26 October 2016
Rector's Tea
10 October 2016
Popiah Making with Seniors @ Lions Befrienders (Clementi)
30 August 2016

The RC4 Experience

Catalyzing a Generation of Systems Citizens in Singapore

The ambitious and vitally important goal of RC4 is teaching, and learning that will help catalyze a generation of systems citizens in Singapore. They are equipped with tools to understand the complex challenges that our human species faces.

Enrich Your Living Experience

From special interest groups that focus on arts, fine arts, literature, and inner engineering to different events and activities held in RC4, students will be able to explore avenues that enrich the living experience for themselves and the communities around them.

Discover the People You Will Meet Here

Our friendly teaching staff, together with fun-loving friends you are going to meet at the College, will become your best friends, guiding you throughout your learning journey in Residential College 4.