Know What Our Students Say…




Stephanie Lauw
FASS (Literature), Year 2

"As a Literature major, I have to admit that I had all sorts of assumptions of RC4 being a very compartmentalised science and math environment, just because I was pretty daunted by the connotations of the college theme “Systems Thinking”. However, I’ve gradually realised that its application is pervasive and inclusive across disciplines. Essentially, I learnt the extent of interconnectedness in society, that factors link to processes, that variables link to networks. I learnt to identify and analyse relationships, I learnt to understand dynamics, even in areas I once thought were completely distinct, like theatre and music.

The best thing about being a part of RC4 (besides being able to wake up 10 mins before class) is the sense of community. College is a place characterised by each amazing individual living in it, and over the last year in RC4, I’ve forged such meaningful and striking relationships that I believe, can only be created in such a tight community."


Charmaine Lee
FASS (Social Work), Year 2

"Staying in RC4 has granted me opportunities to push my potential and try new things. The vast array of interest groups and committees allowed me to try new things from community service in CASA to planning for college wide events in the Student Affairs Committee. The ideas and exposition modules, and junior seminars based in system thinking has also given me diversity in the modules that I take, and served as a breather from the content and writing heavy modules in my home faculty.

Also, the many lounges and rooms have also created conducive environments for play and work — allowing me to meet new people and make lifelong friends in the process. I remember studying in the common lounge or seminar rooms during the exam period. It was a wonderful experience in spite of the boredom of studying because of the quirky friends and kind professors who brought us ice cream!! Being able to get to school and class in 15 minutes also allows me to catch up on much needed sleep during the hectic school term. All in all, RC4 has really shaped my university life and provided me with a unique experience. Whilst i was initially hesitant about systems thinking, it has really shown to be practical and applicable to the modules that I am taking in FASS as well."


Angela Tan
BizAd (Accountancy), Year 2

"As an accountancy student, the help that I’ve gotten from my seniors is very vital in getting through the semester especially as a freshmen. Also, meeting students from other faculties also grants me alternative perspectives to issues and idea as I prepare myself for the working world. Let’s not forget about the valuable friendships that we forge here! The concept of system thinking has allowed me to better connect my ideas in an organized manner which is useful to consolidate my ideas.


Siow Ying Tze
FoS (Life Sciences), Year 2

"To me, RC4 stands for much more than just an on-campus accommodation. It offers a conducive and supportive environment to enhance my learning experiences and exposed me to systems thinking, something completely foreign to me just a year ago. It is our home, put together by an inclusive and warm community made up of dedicated professors, approachable staffs and fun-loving residents. It is comforting to find like-minded individuals who share the same passion as you and together, we build up the various interest groups.

Most importantly, it is always welcoming, to new people, ideas and changes, to make our home a better place for all residents."


Cheng Kei Teng, Joey
FASS (Psychology), Year 3

"RC4 is truly the #RC4U – a College filled with endless learning opportunities aimed at broadening one’s horizons through the diverse range of academic and non-academic activities. Not forgetting the unwavering support from all peers, professors and staff members, learning and living are closely intertwined in this bustling community full of love and creativity.

Over the past three semesters, I have acquired a vast amount of knowledge on systems thinking from the inter-disciplinary modules taught by highly dedicated professors, and forged precious friendships with many peers by venturing through both the good and bad times together. I am deeply honoured to be granted the opportunity to help build this College and experience such a fulfilling student life in this amazing place that all of us call Home :’)"


Chung Xiao Xuan Gloria
FASS (History), Year 2

"When given a chance to ask the interview panel any questions, I decided to ask: “Would an arts student be at a disadvantage in RC4, due to its focus on Systems Thinking? After researching and stuff, it seems that it’s skewed towards Engineering.” The professors assured me, and told me that they would be interested in learning about the different perspectives instead from students of different academic backgrounds, and how Systems Thinking is definitely not limited to a single discipline.

One year on, I am certainly convinced that Systems Thinking is certainly applicable and relevant to all disciplines – be it Arts, Sciences, Engineering, Medicine, Computing, etc even though I would not have been exposed to it, if not for RC4. Concepts and skills that we learn from our Junior Seminars, such as escalation and SD modeling, can be observed in real life scenarios and used in policymaking. Even though these concepts and skills taught during JS (the module that you get to take along with your friends who stay in the same building as you, and at your convenience) may be confounding at times, I can easily consult my professor, or my friends, to help me out.

The tagline “Small Systems, Big Hearts”, which I was skeptical about, proved true as well. My freshman year in RC4 was extremely eventful, and I am really thankful for the people I have met and the bonds we have fostered. Of course, the love and warmth shown by the pioneer RC4 community are not only limited to these instances, but to truly understand the significance of these actions, you would have to experience it for yourself! It is truly a college filled with people with “big hearts”, and a place I am proud to call home."


Yip Hao Yang
BizAd (Accountancy), Year 2

"Other than choosing to live on campus, I chose to live in RC4 because I know it is definitely a college which is new and fresh and full of opportunity. Our culture, activities and daily life isn’t set in stone, and is full of variety, something you can definitely tell from the different feel, atmosphere and sights on different floors. It’s really not just a place for students to stay, but definitely a home for us to grow and connect with friends, you’ll learn to call family very quickly.

For the hardest challenge in RC4, I would say that challenges aren’t part and parcel of daily RC4 life, but its the challenges or goals you set for yourself. As a house committee member, I decided to plan for and execute a night-cycling event. Part of this challenge included planning a safe route and getting sponsors for the event. In the end, everyone had a lot of fun and it was quite a successful event. I guess its these challenges you set for yourself that are the most rewarding, and at RC4, you can set many of such goals?"