A newly launched initiative, the Cognitio cluster encompasses off­-curriculum academic­-related groups initiated by students and Fellows of Residential College 4 and serves as an informal learning platform.

Presenting to you the College’s very own Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Cognitio Group, RC4SPACE – a new student-­led initiative where members will be equipped with a strong foundation and technical skills for specialisation in drone development and aerial filming.

RC4SPACE aims to foster greater interest and appreciation for the aviation industry as like-minded individuals come together to learn about the technologies and unique skills in the field of UAV systems. Talented and aspiring students are given the opportunity to share their passion and knowledge through seminar­style workshops as well as collaborations with external institutions. Through analysing and making sense of the complex sub­systems within a UAV, we hope that members of RC4SPACE would gain a deeper insight into the importance of Systems Thinking in our world today.