[Perspectives] Purposeful Living: Finding Meaning in Life

Purposeful Living - Finding Meaning in Life (1)

Purposeful Living: Finding Meaning in Life
6th February 2018

“My main purpose in life is to do everything on purpose.” - Efrat Cybulkeiewicz. Who am I and why am I here? That's an existential question that must have crossed your mind. Beyond the endless cycle of activities - sunrise and sunset - there must be more to life. Beyond the tyranny of the urgent and the oppression of the important, there must be meaning and significance. Dr. Wan is an active septuagenarian who lives his life in interesting and purposeful chapters both in the Canada, the US and here in Singapore. His theory and practice of purposeful living will stimulate you to find an answer to the existential question.

Dr Wan is the General Secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement and the Justice of the Peace. He is a multi- professional who has been there and done that - a clergyman, a lawyer, a professor, a psychometric analyst and a business leader. He is the recipient of the Solicitor-General Award for Crime Prevention in Canada (1985), the Board of PoliceCommissioners' Award for Community-Police Education (1986) in Ottawa, and the Department of Transport EqualOpportunity Employment Ambassador Award in the USA (1994). In Singapore he won the Active Ager Award of the Council for Third Age (2011), the Adbeali Tayabali Lifetime Achievement Award for Community Leader Extraordinaire (2015) and the President's Volunteerism and Voluntary award (2017).