Dance Production 2018: Serendipity

Dance Production 2018 (7)

Dance Production 2018: Serendipity
27th February 2018, ACJC Faith Centre for Performing Arts

The inaugural R4D Dance Production was held on the 27th of February 2018 at the Faith Centre for Performing Arts, Anglo-Chinese Junior College. Titled Serendipity, the concert’s theme revolved around being appreciative to friends and family, reflective of the strong bonds formed between members of the R4D Dance crew.

Eighty-five talented dancers and choreographers from the crew showcased months of hard work to a sold-out theatre over four hundred audiences. Encompassing the genres of Hip-hop, Urban, Street Jazz and Contemporary, performers from eight different items wowed the audience with precise formations, sharp movements and unmatched energy. Well-patterned light effects were also smartly designed by the choreographers themselves. The entire production was pieced together nicely by entertaining pre-recorded videos featuring our dancers, illustrating a male protagonist who had suffered a loss of memory. With the help of family, friends, as well as a trusted journal, the protagonist finally manages to recall the lost memories and learns about the importance of showing appreciation to the significant people in his life.