[Perspectives] Bust Stress with Practical Tips in Everyday Life

Bust Stress with Practical Tips in Everyday Life (4)

Bust Stress with Practical Tips in Everyday Life
17 April 2018

RC4Wellness, a RC4 Cognitio Pod that looks into engaging the residents with different aspects of wellness, invited Mr. Khoo Yi Feng to share with the residents on how to bust stress with practical tips in everyday life. It is especially useful when it is close to exam period.

Yi Feng is a Training and Business Development Executive from the Singapore Association for Mental Health, working to raise mental health literacy in the people-public-private sector through capacity building initiatives.

As a fresh graduate from the National University of Singapore and former teaching assistant, Yi Feng is no stranger to the stressors faced by students and need to balance academic work with campus life. Yi Feng graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Honours), where he majored in Southeast Asian Studies and minored in Psychology. He earned academic awards for being the top Southeast Asian Studies undergraduate in his third and fourth year as well as the Student Achievement Award in 2017 and Faculty Student Leadership Award in 2016 and 2015.

Yi Feng yearns to inspire mental wellness for all throughout Southeast Asia. During his undergraduate years, he founded the NUS Mental Health Wing to improve mental wellness for all (undergraduates) through research, conversations and an award-winning campaign. His team's efforts has been recognized by the former NUS President Professor Tan Chorh Chuan for "doing a service to the NUS community." In his journey as a mental health advocate, he has given assembly talks to schools, facilitated conversations among youths, ran support group sessions for persons in recovery, moderated dialogues to raise awareness for the cause, conducted training and did ethnographic research. In his free time, Yi Feng enjoys swimming, cycling, practicing martial arts and doing skills-based volunteering.