Senior Retention


Senior Retention Exercise (SRE)

SRE is a process to retain senior students who are interested to engage themselves intellectually and to enhance the living experience in the College after their initial guaranteed stay period. College expects retained senior students to fully utilize this opportunity to shape their personal and intellectual growth.

1. Eligibility:

ALL RC4 students (except those who are currently in year 1 of their NUS study) are eligible to apply.

2.Terms and Conditions:

The terms and conditions stated below are only applicable to senior retention students, who will be in year 3 and year 4 of their NUS study in AY2017/18. These do not apply to RC4 students who will be in year 1 and year 2 of NUS study in AY2017/18.

  • Successful SRE students will sign a declaration agreement about “Minimum Commitment Levels” (listed in Table below) that they will have to fulfil during their retention stay. There are limited spaces available for SRE students. Hence, students who feel that they will not be able to fulfil the “Minimum Commitment” levels are strongly encouraged not to apply for SRE. This will help other eligible waitlisted candidates who are able to fulfil the minimum requirements to get a chance.
  • Students can apply for 1 year retention (both semesters of AY 2017/18) or 1 semester retention (Semester 1 AY 2017/18 OR Semester 2 AY 2017/18). In case of students who apply for 1 year retention, they will first be retained for 1 semester and their second semester retention is subject to fulfillment of their “Minimum Commitment levels” that they agreed upon accepting the senior retention offer. A “mid-year review exercise” will be conducted to renew the retention for semester 2.
  • There will also be “mid-semester review exercise” for those students who are retained for 1 semester or for those who are in their last semester of retention period. This is to ensure that they are on track to fulfil the agreed “Minimum Commitment levels”.
  • The decision to retain senior students will be purely based on the contribution(s), involvement and achievements of individual students during their initial guaranteed stay in RC4. This decision will not be made based on the houses they were in during their initial guaranteed period of stay – there is no fixed quota like specific number of year 2 and year 3 students will be retained from each house.
  • Senior retention students may not be allocated to the same houses as they were in during their initial guaranteed stay period; so, they have to be open, matured and prepared for such a change. They are expected to be “peer mentors” and “role models” for the juniors staying in the respective levels. So, the college will ensure that there are almost same number of senior retention students staying at each level of residence. Successful SRE applicants will be equally spread across all the levels of residence, irrespective of the levels/houses they were originally allocated during their initial guaranteed period of stay.
  • Senior RC4 students (who are currently in year 2 and year 3 of NUS study) applying for Resident Assistant (RA) positions should also apply for SRE. All RAs will also have to sign and fulfil the “Minimum Commitment Levels”. RAs do not get any special exemption from the “Minimum Commitment Levels”.
  • If the student body elects the current senior RC4 student (who will be in year 3 or 4 of his/her NUS study in AY1718) for the new “College Student Committee (CSC)”, he/she will be retained until his/her service in the CSC. Should the retained student holding CSC position resign or quit from CSC before his/her service, then he/she will have to leave the college. This condition does not apply to CSC members who are not part of senior retention.

3. Minimum Commitment Levels expected from retained students:

College has devised “Minimum Commitment Levels” depending on the status of UTCP completion and the status of free spaces left in the curriculum of applicants. Free spaces refer to number of General Education (GE) modules or Unrestricted Electives (UEs) that are yet to be completed at the time when students start their retention stay in College.  Students will have to correctly declare the number of free spaces left in their curriculum while filling the application. College will verify the details in the application with student portal/home faculty. Any false declaration will lead to rejection of SRE application.

Category Minimum Commitment Levels to be fulfilled
 A.     Students who have already completed University Town College Program (UTCP) at the time when they start the retention stay

B.      Students who have not completed UTCP but do not have sufficient space(s) in their curriculum (i.e. if students have already completed all their GE modules or UEs in their curriculum at the time when they start retention stay)

 Retained students belonging to both categories A and B must fulfil all the three requirements throughout their stay:[R.1.] Enroll in at least one of the existing Cognitio pods initiated by Resident Fellows (RFs) and contribute actively to it throughout their stay; (or) retained students can initiate their own Cognitio pods and run them actively under the supervision of Director of Student Life (DSL).

[R.2.] Attend at least 2 Cognitio Tea sessions per semester

[R.3.] Show active participation in the house/college activities

C.      Students who have not completed their UTCP and if they have sufficient space(s) in their curriculum (i.e. if students still have to complete GE modules or UEs in their curriculum at the time when they start the retention) Following three scenarios are possible for students belonging to this category (minimum commitment levels will vary for each scenario):Scenario 1:  If a retained student in this category stays for one year and chooses to complete only one UTCP module during the first semester stay, he/she will also have to fulfil the requirements [R.2.], and [R.3.] in the first semester and must fulfil all the three requirements [R.1.], [R.2.] and [R.3.] in the second semester.


Scenario 2:  If a retained student in this category stays for one year and chooses to do more than one UTCP module, he/she need not commit to Cognitio pods. But, he/she must fulfil the requirements [R.2.] and [R.3.].


Scenario 3:  If a retained student in this category stays for one semester alone, then he/she will have to do at least one UTCP module in that semester itself. Also, he/she must fulfil the requirements [R.2.] and [R.3.].

4. Key Selection Criteria

SRE applications will be processed based on the contribution of students in both studies and student life during their period of guaranteed stay in RC4. Length of stay in RC4 will not be a criteria for selection; rather the overall contribution during their stay period will be given prime importance. Some of the important aspects that will be considered while processing SRE applications are listed below. It is not necessary that the applicants should have contributed to all the aspects listed below; meaningful contributions in some of these aspects would be key.

  • Applicant’s conduct during the period of stay
  • RC4 modules studied during the stay period
  • Other intellectual contributions (attending talks/seminars/Master’s Tea/Rector’s Tea, participation in Keppel visit, involvement in Cognitio, and any other similar contributions)
  • Participation as “Student Interviewer” in student admission exercises conducted over past few years
  • Student Ambassadors for outreach events
  • Participation in College development activities during pilot year and beginning of pioneer year (College t-shirt/logo design, setting facilities in theme rooms, common lounge, etc.)
  • Participation in Arts Night, Interest Groups (IGs), College events, house/neighborhood events, anything can happen Wednesdays, Orca says, open days, freshmen orientation camps (FOC), Inter College Games (ICG) and other student life events
  • Music/dance/drama or any other performances during formal/informal dinners, slumber party, music café, open days, FOC and other events recognized by College
  • Various leadership and committee roles during the period of stay. Some examples are as follows:
  • Head/Vice-head/Sub-committee members of houses, IGs, Cognitio groups, Open day (2015 and 16), FOC (2015 and 16) and any other College events
  • President/Vice-Presidents/Directors/sub-committee members of first College Student Committee (CSC)
  • Resident Assistants (RAs)
  • Election commissioners of first CSC election
  • Task force members
  • Arts night organizing committee
  • Any other leadership roles that is not mentioned above
  • Any other aspect not listed above

5. Application Form

To apply, CLICK HERE

6. Other Important Information

Application period: 23rd February to 15th March 2017 (11:59 pm)
Results release period: Results will be released after the new CSC is formed (mostly during reading/exam week)

For any queries on SRE please email to Dr. Naviyn (