Stop The Clock Policy


"Stop the Clock" Policy at Residential College 4 (RC4)

Students admitted to RC4 as freshmen are normally given two years of residence with an expectation to fulfil the University Town College Program (UTCP) curriculum comprising of 5 modules. NUS students normally go overseas on Student Exchange Program (SEP) through International Relations Office (IRO) from year 2 onwards. Hence, freshmen intake students who go overseas on the SEP during year 2 will not be able to complete their UTCP curriculum. We “stop the clock” for the freshmen intake students who go overseas on the SEP during their second year to help them complete all the 5 modules in the UTCP curriculum while continuing their active participation in the college life. When a student comes back to college after SEP, we resume the clock again for a period equivalent to the student’s involvement in the SEP (for example, if a student heads to SEP for 1 semester in year 2, the student will get a chance to stay for 1 semester in year 3). Thus, a student who leaves the college halfway due to SEP will resume his/her stay in the college through “stop the clock” policy to complete 5 modules in the UTCP curriculum, and participate actively in the college activities.

Eligibility check to “Stop the Clock”:

College “Stops the Clock” only if the student meets/fulfils the following requirements:

  1. must be admitted as a freshman who acquired two years residence or admitted in semester 2 of his/her freshman year;
  2. must have stayed at least 1 year in the college (Sem 1 and Sem 2 during Y1 or Sem 2 during Y1 and Sem 1 during Y2);
  3. must have completed at least two UTCP modules during his/her year 1 stay in the college (if the candidate is applying to “stop the clock” in the second semester of his/her academic year 2 stay, he/she must have completed at least three UTCP modules in the first 2 or 3 semesters);
  4. must ensure that he/she will be able to complete all the pending modules* needed for completion of UTCP curriculum during his/her resumed stay period in the college;
  5. must submit a completed application form to the college (along with relevant supporting documents from his/her home faculty/IRO as evidence of approval of SEP) as soon as the student gets confirmation on SEP.

Note: Submitting an application form does not mean that the clock is stopped; the decision is subject to approval by the College.
*Number of pending modules will be “number of modules required for completion of UTCP curriculum (which is 5)” minus “number of college modules completed before embarking the SEP”. For example, if a student has completed 3 modules before his/her SEP, number of pending modules that he/she has to complete will be 5 – 3 = 2.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

FAQ 1: Does Stop the clock policy apply to RC4 students from non‐modular faculties (like Medicine/ Nursing/ Dentistry/ Law/ Industrial Design/ Architecture)?
Answer: This policy does not apply to students from non‐modular faculties as they will not complete the UTCP curriculum.

FAQ 2: I am intending to do an SEP during my first year. Will stop the clock policy apply to me?
Answer: Students are expected to complete at least 2 semesters in NUS before they go for SEP. Hence, the college’s stop the clock policy will apply to those who go on for SEP in year 2 only.

FAQ 3: If I go on for SEP and come back to college through stop the clock policy, can I still apply for senior retention exercise?
Answer: Students who come back to college through stop the clock policy are eligible to apply for senior retention exercise. Only thing they have to note (while applying for senior retention) is that they should have recently completed or should be at the verge of completing their 2 years of stay in the college.