Conference Proceedings


Conference Proceedings
of the 2nd Asia-Pacific Region System Dynamics Conference of the System Dynamics Society

19-22 February 2017
National University of Singapore


Oral Presentations

Andersen, David, with Niyousha Hosseinichimeh, Rod MacDonald, Julie Maurer, Deborah Andersen, George Richardson, Joshua Hawley, Group Model Building Techniques for Rapid Elicitation of Parameter Values and Effect-Size-Driven Formulations Abstract | Session Slides | Paper

Andersen, David, with Stephen Weinberg, Babak Bahaddin, Luis Luna-Reyes, Developing a Numerical Platform for Simulation-Based Exploration of Behavioral Economic Dynamics Abstract | Session Slides | Paper

Andersen, David, with Robert Eberlein, Ignacio Martinez‐Moyano, The Asia Pacific Region is the Growing Edge of the System Dynamics Society  Session Slides

Ansah, John, with David Matchar, Steffen Bayer, Peter Hovmand, Victoria Koh, Lukas Schoenenberger, Envisioning enhanced primary care in Singapore: a group model building approach Abstract | Session Slides

Ansah, John, with David Matchar, Victoria Koh, Trajectories of functional ability: a dynamic model of the interaction of stress-induced functional loss and resilience Abstract | Session Slides

Bivona, Enzo, with Federico Cosenz, Assessing alternative Caesarean Section reduction policies through a Dynamic Performance Management approach Abstract | Session Slides

Cai, Yu-yang, with Xuedong Ma, Kouzhu Wang, Dynamic System Analysis on Colorectal Cancer Screening in Community with the Method of System Dynamics Abstract

Cavana, Robert Y, with William H. Ryder, A System Dynamics View of the Phillips Machine:“Chasing some Hares!” Abstract | Paper

Ceresia, Francesco, with Giovanni Tumminello, Roberto Dolce, System Dynamics based Decision Support System for Fleet Management: A Case Study Abstract | Paper

Chia, I-Ling, with John Richardson, Building the Runway: Igniting the Growth of the Thai Fashion Design Industry Abstract

Churak, Piyanit, with Nobuo Nishi, A System Dynamics Model of Impacts on Environment Related to Thais’ Food Consumption Abstract | Paper

Destyanto, Arry, with Armand Moeis, Akhmad Hidayatno, Mohammad Rizky Nur Im, System Dynamics Approach for Managing Turnover Problem in Professional Service Firm Abstract | Session Slides

Gary, Shayne, with Shanie Atkinson, Dynamics of Post-Merger and Post-Acquisition Integrations Abstract | Session Slides

Grace, William, Rich world, poor world: sustainability and resource scarcity Abstract

Heffernan, Mark, with Andrew Page, Geoff McDonnell, Jo-An Atkinson, A system dynamics model of Australian suicidal behaviour and suicide prevention strategies Abstract | Session Slides | Paper

Hidayatno, Akhmad, with Arry Destyanto, Armand Moeis, Mohammad Rizky Nur Iman, Scenario Planning using System Dynamics for Reducing Uncertainty on Managing Employee Turnover Abstract | Session Slides

Junko, Edahiro, Towards a Sustainable Society – Learning from Japan’s Edo Period and Contributing from Asia to the World Abstract

Kim, Jinwoo, with Hyun-Soo Lee, Moonseo Park, Minji Choi, Nahyun Kwon, A System Dynamics Approach for Modeling construction Workers’ Hazard Perception and Unsafe Behaviors Abstract

Kimura, Makoto, The growth stage of Japanese game apps market: A case study and simulation Abstract | Session Slides | Paper

King, Melanie, with Carl Smith, Russell Richards, Using Systems Dynamics to Understand Food Insecurity Across Fisheries and Agricultural Systems in Coastal Communities Within Southeast Asia Abstract | Session Slides | Paper

Kunc, Martin, with UngKyu Han, System Dynamics of Regional Competitiveness: The Case of Busan, South Korea Abstract | Session Slides

Lee, Chungmin, with Chang-Kwon Chung, Case Study of Asahiyama Zoo – Structure Analysis on Dynamics in Urban Zoo’s Exhibit Abstract | Session Slides

Lui, PC, Large Scale Systems of Singapore Abstract

Mahbubani, Kishore, Is Humanity Become More or Less Reasonable Abstract

Mathur, Mihir, with Kabir Sharma, Modeling Sustainability Scenarios of Renewable Natural Resources and Economic Growth using System Dynamics Abstract | Session Slides | Paper

Nakajima, Yosuke, with Yutaka Takahashi, Naohiko Kotake, The relationship between a cost reduction in medical expenses and utilizing smart health, and a driving factor in Japan Abstract | Paper

Neo, Nicholas, with Chiam Sheng Yeow, Darren Ng, Jun Sing Tan, Sheng Ren Lim, Dengue Fever in Singapore: A Long Term Solution Involving Wolbachia Technology Abstract

Rosilala, Andi, Deforestation and Pulp and Paper Industry Industry: System Dynamic Growth Model of Acacia and Eucalyptus Approach Abstract | Session Slides

Ryan, Emily, with Matthew Pepper, Albert Aneiros, Paul Cooper, Developing Causal Loop Diagrams with Inexperienced Participants Abstract

Sahin, Oz, with Mehdi Hafezi, Emiliya Suprun, Rodney Stewart, Brendan Mackey, An integrated participatory modelling framework for climate change adaptation planning Abstract

Sivapragasam, Nirmali, Steffen Bayer, Kirsten Eom, Nirmali Sivapragasam, John Ansah, Deidre de Silva, Gerald Koh, Kelvin Tan, David Matchar, Estimating Costs and Benefits of Stroke Management: A Population-Based Simulation Model of Improvement Scenarios Abstract

Smith, Carl, with Russell Richards, Addressing socio-ecological problems in coastal zone of Southeast Asia using system dynamics Abstract | Session Slides | Paper

Suetake, Toru, How to Explain History Using SD Model Abstract | Paper

Teekasap, Pard, Dynamics of Foreign Investment Under Economic Integration Environment Abstract | Paper

Yadav, Neetu, with Neetu Yadav, Anil Bhat, Sushil Sushil, Sustaining Competitive Edge of Indian Outsourcing IT-ITes Industry: A Systems Approach Abstract | Session Slides

Yamaguchi, Yokei, with Kaoru Yamaguchi, Peer-to-Peer Public Money System — Its Grand Design with a Focus on Payments Abstract | Paper

Zhou, Ruohua, with Edward Tan, Ang Rui Xiu, Zimu Yan, Qing Zhang, HIV in Singapore a Comprehensive Study Abstract



Ansah, John, The Impact of Capacity Planning Strategies on System-level Outcomes in A Country Experiencing Rapid Population Aging

Ansah, John, Projecting the Population’s Demand for Acute Hospital Beds in a Country Experiencing Rapid Population Aging

Browne, Chris, Peer dynamics: an SD reflection on undergraduate peer-review feedback

Chong, Jia Loon, Healthcare Dynamics of an Ageing Singapore Population

Kikuchi, Hiroki, Possibility to Realize Smart Island Based on the Renewal Energy and Electric Vehicle Paper

Mathur, Mihir, Modeling the Economics of Grassland Degradation in Banni using System Dynamics Paper

Mochamad, Roikhan, Development of Sukuk in Indonesia Based on System Dynamics

Mulyati, Trisna, Using System Dynamics to Understand the Struggle Behind the Envisioned Downstream Agro-Industry Development in Aceh, Indonesia

Nishi, Nobuo, A Simulation model of Incidence of Cardiovascular Diseases Using Risk Prediction Chart in Japanese Men Paper

Qian, Ying, Why Some Research Methods are Better Received – A Comparison of Structural Equation Modeling and System Dynamics Modeling

Sihombing, Lukas, A System Thinking Approach on How to Reduce Cost Overrun in the Construction of Industrial Buildings

Sushil, Sushil, The Role of Energy in Waste Management Process Paper

Xu, Lei, Research on System Dynamics Modeling of Revenue and Expenditure of Military Hospital Fund



Eberlein, Bob, Introduction to Stella Abstract

Fisher, Diana, Lessons That Move Pre-College Mathematics and Science Students Towards Complex Systems Analysis Abstract

Fisher, Diana, Modeling Dynamic Systems: Lessons for a First Course Abstract

Maani, Kambiz, Multi-Stakeholder Decision-Making for Wicked Problems – A Systems Thinking Lab Abstract | Workshop Slides

Martinez-Moyano, Ignacio, The System Dynamics Model Documentation and Assessment Tool (SDM-Doc) Abstract

Oda, Riichiro, Introduction to Business Strategy Using Management Game and Systems Modeling: Fishbanks® Abstract

Warren, Kim, Agile modeling with Sysdea Abstract | Workshop Slides