BELLAM Sreenivasulu

Assistant Director of Analytics & Resident Fellow (House of Ursa)

Dr. BELLAM Sreenivasulu

Assistant Director of Analytics & Resident Fellow (House of Ursa) | +65 6601 6003

Dr. BELLAM Sreenivasulu received his Ph. D., in chemistry from NUS. His other degrees include M. Sc., (analytical chemistry), and B. Ed. (physical sciences). After his Ph. D., he worked as a postdoctoral fellow for one year at the Institute of Chemical and Engineering Sciences (ASTAR, ICES). After that, he started teaching and acquired several years of tertiary level teaching and learning experience in various undergraduate and graduate courses in chemistry and applied chemistry, at NUS and SUTD in Singapore. While teaching at NUS, he was also a Resident Fellow at Kent Ridge Hall where he enjoyed an opportunity of actively engaging students through interactions, hall’s events and cultural activities both in formal and informal settings. Besides teaching he has been actively involved in various committees such as National Chemistry Week steering committee, curriculum committee, pedagogy committee and cohort advisor committee, outreach and welfare committee, UROP projects review committee etc.

Currently, at RC4 one of his areas of focus is teaching systems thinking and system dynamics skills in relation to energy systems and related issues on sustainable energy production, energy supply and demand, energy security, carbon emissions etc. through designing and implementing effective, impactful and interdisciplinary student‐centered pedagogy to enhance students’ critical and systems thinking skills. He is passionate about teaching, student mentoring, curriculum and pedagogy development activities and engaging students for their and learning and holistic development etc.

His research areas and interests are chemistry/science education research, students’ misconceptions in physical sciences/chemistry and teaching implications, along with topic of systems thinking education and pedagogy, etc. A few of his hobbies are badminton, cricket, music, reading, writing and family outings.