John Pastor ANSAH


Dr John Pastor ANSAH

Dr John Pastor Ansah is an Assistant Professor in the signature programme in Health Services and Systems Research, at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School and a Fellow, Residential College 4, at National University of Singapore. He has a PhD in System Dynamics from University of Bergen, Norway. His current research interest lie broadly within the area of healthcare: in particular the use of dynamic simulation modeling to address strategic and operational health and social care challenges of an aging population and rapidly changing healthcare system. In addition, he is particularly interested in the use of dynamic simulation models to evaluate health system-wide impacts of complex health and social care interventions. Dr. Ansah’s work in Duke-NUS has focused on health and social care (long-term care for the elderly), health workforce planning and the use of systems thinking and modeling to engage stakeholders in the process of understanding health systems and designing solutions to support efficient delivery of health and social care services.

Dr. Ansah has worked as a consultant for the Millennium Institute and applied dynamic simulation models to national policy making and implementation. At the Millennium Institute, he developed the “Threshold 21” dynamic simulation model used in the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Green Economy Report, to analyze the impacts of sustainable green investments in supporting the transition to a global green economy. Alongside working at the Millennium Institute, he worked as a lecturer in the System Dynamics Group, at the University of Bergen in Norway.