Navarun VARMA

Assistant Director of External Programmes

Dr Navarun VARMA

Assistant Director of External Programmes | +65 6601 6023

Dr. Navarun Varma is a Lecturer in Residential College 4 (RC4), National University of Singapore (NUS). Before joining RC4, NUS, he worked as a Fellow in the Center for Global Environment Research of The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), New Delhi. He has 5 years of research experience in issues of social-ecological resilience, natural resource governance and sustainability studies.  He has successfully completed an Asia Pacific Network for Global Change Research (APN) funded project, on ‘Adaptive governance approach for urban and rural floods in India’, in October, 2014 as its Principal Investigator. After that he has been a key researcher for ‘social vulnerability’ and ‘policy outreach’ components of Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA) funded Himalayan Adaptation, Water and Resilience (HIAWARE) project. He also served as an Adjunct faculty in the Department of Regional Water Studies of TERI University where he taught courses like ‘Water Resources-Institutions and Governance’ and ‘Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change’ to Masters level students.

He received his PhD from the Department of Policy Studies in TERI University, New Delhi on the topic “Disaster and governance in Brahmaputra basin in India: Case study of an ecological surprise within Assam” in 2016. He was awarded a grant under the Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3, Spian)-TERI collaboration for this doctoral research. He has completed training programs and short term research courses in School of International Development, University of East Anglia, U.K., International Institute of Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Vienna and Environmental Policy Unit, Freie University, Berlin.

Navarun likes to travel to new places, experience new cultures, read and watch movies. He is passionate about teaching and learning and believes in the philosopher Immanuel Kant’s famous quote-“Perception without conception is blind; conception without perception is empty”.