Cognitio is a cluster for informal learning platforms in RC4, which constitutes many special academic interest groups (Pods) and specially organised intellectual dialogue sessions in the form of tea sessions (Perspectives), workshops (Praxis) and colloquium/symposium.

This off-curriculum cluster intends to help our students to expend their understanding of the real world and to sharpen their life skills. The special academic groups and dialogue sessions in this cluster create environments and experiences that empower students to discover and construct knowledge, meaning and purpose for themselves.


Cognitio Pods are special academic interest groups that allow students and fellows to meet and interact on a selected topic. Pods can be initiated by either students or staff. Each pod will generally once or twice a week.

Cognitio Pods


Cognitio Perspectives will offer a platform for students to interact with guests from different facets of society. Guests will share their work, life and views on the topic(s) of their specialization/interest with students. The background of guests and topics discussed will be diversed. They last between 1.5-2 hours.

Social Challenges in Singapore - Empowering Youths to Take Ownership (2)


Cognitio Praxis are designed to offer a platform for students to learn, develop and practice skills and techniques that could be useful for their professional and personal life. The duration will vary from 2 hours to 2 days.

Om Nom Nom Food Science Workshop (3)