Cognitio Pods


Staff-Initiated Cognitio Pods

Conspiracy Theory Investigators

Is there a conspiracy to gain global dominance through creating turmoil, insecurity and fear? Is global warming a hoax? Are “silent weapons” such as weather warfare and incitement of violent conflict being deployed to decimate the world’s population? Is our economy being manipulated by the global elite? Are mind control methods being used to control the masses? Are cell phones more harmful than we think? Who are Illuminati and do they exist? Do UFOs exist? Did giants tread the earth? These claims are often dismissed and derided as “conspiracy theories”.

In this Cognitio Pod, students will investigate a conspiracy theory of their choice through tapping a variety of information sources with the aim of cross-checking and verifying or debunking such claims. They will work in small teams to probe into the matter, and present their findings to the class. If you love mysteries, and are assiduous and persistent in getting to the bottom of things, this pod is for you. But be warned: in the words of Peter Morville, the founding father of information architecture, “Defensiveness in cognition and culture makes it hard to question basic beliefs.” “What we find changes who we become.”

The Veritas Forum

Culture - Lost & Found

Does culture change or do we gain some and lose some? Can such change be activated and de-activated? How does it influence our identity, values, relationships, knowledge and choices in life? These are important questions for Asia as communities are becoming more and more urbanized. In this aspect Singapore is a very interesting starting point- what kind of stories are there in the journey from Kampong days to high rise apartments?

In this pod students will explore nuances of Singapore culture, its dynamics and impact. We will start with the whys and hows of learning about culture, then progress towards exploring opportunities for fieldwork and collecting anecdotes of change and impact, talk with experts and finally learn to make-sense of our observations and anecdotes. We will also look at platforms to share the knowledge generated to a wider audience.


Going Native: Exploring Local Writing and Experimenting with Creativity

In 'Going Native', students will be reading and discussing the work of local writers. The texts will be chosen in the first two weeks, according to the interests of the group, and they will embark on a journey of discovery together. As far as possible, the authors of their texts will be invited to the discussions so as to share their perspectives of their stories, and also to guide the students in their writing.

The aim of the pod is for the students to have a richer personal understanding of Singapore’s literary scene, as well as experiment creatively with producing their own poetries, plays or short stories.

Going Native

Learning to play. Playing to learn.

The main objective of this pod can be summarised in this quote: “People learn as they play. More importantly, in play, people learn how to learn” – O Fred Donaldson. In this pod, students will experience and examine play activities and make attempt to figure out how these activities can improve our ability to learn as an individual. They will have a chance to learn how to play with a wide variety of medium ranging from LEGO bricks to customized props and facilitated play activities.  They will reflect upon these play experiences and distil wisdom about themselves and about their ability to learn.

As the saying goes, ‘You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than a year of conversation’ – Plato. The pod will also provide a rare opportunity for enrolled students to discover deep insights about their RC4 friends through these interactive and fun play activities.


‘Sleeping’ and ‘Sleep Health': Nuts and Bolts

Most of us have experienced sleep deprivation/sleeplessness at one time or another and felt the feeling of fatigue, sleepiness, and impaired daytime functioning/performance/productivity. To overcome this, some may have resorted to the chronic use of sleeping pills, or even alcohol which often creates even more problems. In contrast, after a good night’s sleep, we wake up feeling refreshed and recharged- ready to do our best in our daily activities. Sleep experts recognized ‘sleep health’ as important as good nutrition and regular exercise for optimum physical and mental health.

Thus, a healthy life-style along with sleep-smart habits is essential for good nights of sleep. This cognitio pod aims to offer students a basic and richer understanding about ‘sleeping’ and ‘sleep health’ in general through discussions and activities to raise the awareness of the importance of good personal sleeping habits and health.


The Art and Science of Data

What’s all the fuss about data you ask? This pod will be a playground for the curious, where the art and science of data collide. We begin the pod by scoping the interests of the group before moving to discussions and playing around with some interesting data use cases as decided members' interests. As and when possible, we will invite speakers in the field to share their experience, or even bring the pod out for an experiential journey into Singapore's data scene. The Art and Science of Data aims to engage students with the beauty of data and the value it brings to industries, NGOs, and the world.


Student-Initiated Cognitio Pods


In this new age of globalisation, individuals all over the world are connected to one another. As a participant in this "global society", one is frequently bombarded with news and information, fake and real. If he/she wants to be able to foster deeper connections, understanding global issues and other cultures is key. One would be surprised to discover how issues in another part of the world relate closely to issues occurring in their own backyard. Through Lyceum, students can start having vibrant conversations with like-minded individuals who are keen to play a part in today’s global society.

Global Studies Circle

RC4 Debate

RC4 Debate is a debate Cognitio pod aiming to build the combination between debate with student life and systems dynamics.

RC4 Debate aims to provide a stage for students to actively perform their own opinions towards hot topics in the modern world. It will also organise games related with logic training such as werewolves.



RC4EARTH is a team of passionate environmental activists that aims to work towards reducing all kinds of waste within the college by carrying out green initiatives and raising awareness for the environment. 

Its vision is to cultivate a strong sense of environmentalism in RC4 and promote sustainable living in UTown.



RC4SPACE community was born out of passion for flight and the aviation industry, with the intention of stimulating interests and self-motivation among students in learning and applying various concepts along with modern technologies in various problem-solving situation. RC4SPACE also works with NUS Drone Club in conducting drone building workshops, contributing and spreading the knowledge to the entire NUS community.

Besides building flying machines, RC4SPACE also introduces several basic micro courses to complement students with the necessary digital skills. Some micro courses includes basic C++ programming through the use of Arduino development board and electronic circuit prototyping by building cars.



Stress is an inherent part of students’ lives, be it arising from studies, relationships or non-academic commitments etc. When excessive or overwhelming, such stress can become detrimental to students’ mental well-being. Hence, RC4Wellness aims to raise awareness among RC4 students about the importance of mental well-being. Through educational sessions conducted by students and professionals, the group hopes to equip students with knowledge and skills on how to better cope with mental health issues, be it in themselves or in their friends. Through these sessions, they also hope to encourage dialogue about such issues, and in doing so, build and strengthen the social support systems in RC4. The group also places posters around the college that serve as simple reminders of the importance of mental wellness.