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Our Events and Activities

As students of RC4, you will have abundant possibilities to shape life at the college by proposing, developing and participating in sports, cultural and societal engagement activities. You will also indulge in college governance and develop leadership skills.

The 21st Century Singapore Undergrad: Eh, What Decides if You’ll Make or Break?

19th February 2019

Life as a 21st Century Singapore Undergrad is tough. Sometimes the pressures of life and studies collide and you’re left spinning with the impact. In this forum two National and International bestselling authors well known for their inimitable brand of humour, Gwee Li Sui and Neil Humphreys, will speak about what it takes to overcome…


Alumni @ Work

12th February 2019

RC4’s inaugural fireside chat, Alumni @ Work, has started off on a good note where 6 of our very own Alumni who graduated, shared their own interesting stories, perspectives and heartfelt advice with their juniors. Coming from a diversity of industries, such as Education, Tech and Government, the Alumni had an engaging discussion with our…


Is There Hope on Climate Change? Building a Prosperous, Sustainable Society in a Warming World

10th December 2018

The science is clear: The Earth is warming; human activity, particularly fossil fuel use and deforestation, is responsible; and climate change is already harming our prosperity, our health and our lives. The Paris climate accord calls for the world to limit warming to no more than 2°C and to strive for 1.5°C, but the world…


[Perspectives] Banking on Food for the Future

9th October 2018

Nicholas is the Co-Founder of The Food Bank Singapore, which aims to be the prevailing centralised coordinating organisation for all food donations in Singapore. He is also the Managing Director of FoodXervices Inc Pte Ltd where he is responsible for logistics, operations and procurement. Nicholas holds a degree in Mass Communications and Economics from Simon…


[Perspectives] One Life to Live

8th October 2018

Dr. William Wan is the General Secretary of the Singapore Kindness Movement and is actively involved in several boards and committees of non-profit organizations and government agencies. He is also a winner of the Active Ager Award (Council of the Third Age) 2011. He was also instrumental in the founding of the charity servicing ex-offenders…