Events and Activities


Our Events and Activities

As students of RC4, you will have abundant possibilities to shape life at the college by proposing, developing and participating in sports, cultural and societal engagement activities. You will also indulge in college governance and develop leadership skills.

[Praxis] Su Dongpo – Your Way to Chinese Calligraphy

18th March 2018

RC4SPACE invited a calligrapher, Ms. Winnie Li, on 18th March 2018 to share with students who are interested to learn about Chinese calligraphy. Winnie is a passionate lover of Chinese art and culture with 10+ years’ extensive experience in writing calligraphy. Conversant with different script styles especially 楷书. Practicing calligraphy is her way of keeping…


Inter-College Games 2018

15th March 2018

The annual Inter-College Games gave an opportunities for residents of different colleges to interact and bond through sports that they love. Team RC4 performed their best in the games and achieved great results! Do check out some of the photos below from the various sports.                    …


[Perspectives] Feeding People through Rescued Food

13th March 2018

In 2017, Mr. Daniel Tay, Hero of Happiness, Freegan in Singapore, spent just $8 on food. It began with a simple experiment to ask his neighbors for their leftover food. Eventually, his journey of exploring food wastage in Singapore started, which revealed tons of food wastage every day. By doing so, he accidentally created a…


Arts Night 2018: Veritas

1st March 2018

Who did it? Who was responsible? What is the truth? Arts Night 2018: Veritas presents to you a narrative not just through a script; this story will be further brought to life with an amazing soundtrack, enthralling movement and staged surprizes. For the first time, RC4ME, RC4Theatre, R4D and RC4Magic have come together collaboratively to…


Dance Production 2018: Serendipity

27th February 2018

The inaugural R4D Dance Production was held on the 27th of February 2018 at the Faith Centre for Performing Arts, Anglo-Chinese Junior College. Titled Serendipity, the concert’s theme revolved around being appreciative to friends and family, reflective of the strong bonds formed between members of the R4D Dance crew. Eighty-five talented dancers and choreographers from…