Interest Groups


A Wide Range of Interest Groups for You

Students at RC4 have been very active in creating a vibrant living and learning community inside NUS UTown.
They have set up Interest Groups (IGs) covering a whole host of domains that include arts, community service, lifestyle, and sports.



R4D is a dance IG where RC4 students can explore their interest in dance regardless of whether they never danced before, or professional dancers. R4D provides a safe and encouraging space where RC4 students can pick up basic techniques in street (Hip-Hop, Street Jazz, Urban, etc.) and contemporary dance styles. For the more advanced, they have opportunities to teach and share their individual styles and choreography.



RC4ME (RC4 Music Expressions) is formed spontaneously when a group of students realized the common spark of interest they had for music. Since then, that spark has ignited a flame of passion as musicians, both experienced and aspiring, gather frequently to share their common love for music. The group hopes to spread the joy that music brings as skills are shared, different genres of music are explored and music is made, together.

RC4ME aims to provide a platform for those residents who are interested in showcasing their musical talent and giving them the stage to perform in collaboration with others. It has always been an integral part of RC4, contributing performances to all RC4 events and encouraging participation from the residents of RC4.



RC4Theatre aims to cultivate a passion for the stage both in our members and the wider RC4 community through our performances. Members participate in two main productions per academic year - Halloween Dinner and Arts Night, with ample opportunity to participate in various ways. Otherwise, sessions focus on developing related skills like improvisation and enunciation.

By providing the opportunity for both first-timers and experienced performers to hone their theatre skills, we hope to spread the joy of theatre and its many benefits.




In the spirit of “Because We Care” motto of NUS’s 110th Year celebrations, some RC4 residents decided to embody those ethos by launching the tuition program “CASA – CARE. ACCEPT. SHARE. AFFIRM”. CASA program aims to educate children from low-income families staying in the rental flats of CASA Clementi neighbourhood. After some research, it was felt that these students could benefit from academic support and mentoring over and above what their families and schools can provide. CASA has the vision of empowering the children to do better at academics and to cultivate good behaviour and moral values.



RC4lunteers collaborates with Community Chest to provide a convenient platform for RC4 students to volunteer with social service organizations via ad hoc and/or long-term programmes. It aims to help the beneficiaries from social service organizations belonging to various target groups – children with special needs, children from families with difficulties, youths-at-risk, persons with disabilities, and the elderly.



Coffee Academy

RC4 Coffee Academy is set up with the aim to share knowledge and cultivate an environment to pursue a common passion for all things coffee. Through the IG’s activities, it helps to develop the members’ coffee brewing skills, coffee knowledge and ability to appreciate different forms of the beverage.



Orcabakes is an interest group for students to relax and enjoy baking together as a community within RC4. Despite how little experience they may have, Orcabakes gives them the opportunity to learn from one another and try out new recipes at the same time!

To the students, sharing is caring and they aim to share the joys of baking with each other and the rest of the RC4 community.



Initiated by passionate individuals eager to share their passion for tabletop games, OrcaPlays is RC4’s very own board and card games Interest Group. Aiming to bring smiles and laughter to the community through entertainment and exciting challenges, OrcaPlays is definitely an Interest Group to join! Get ready to dive into a world of fantasy, adventure, love and betrayal, and develop great camaraderie and sharp strategy on the way.



RC4 students have yet to have a communal gathering place to rest and relax after a long school day at a café filled with tasty food and lovely live music performed by RC4 residents. The casual open-mic opportunities give residents who would like to perform but are unable to fully commit to the music IG.

Very often, the music café will attract many residents to join in the activities planned by the IG, from evening onwards till late night.



RC4rest aims to impart the basic concepts of plant care. In the increasingly developed and digital world, the IG hopes to impart an appreciation for nature and a valuable perspective about the care and effort that it takes to keep the garden city thriving and tables bountiful. Its ultimate intention is to become an integral part of the landscape of RC4 and integrate elements of systems dynamics into the modeling and study of plant care.



Have a knack for creativity but never the platform to express it? Well, here’s your chance!

RC4rtsy is the avenue for one to paint, draw, sculpt, and engage in whatever creative artsy fartsy activity one can think of! THERE IS NO ART BACKGROUND REQUIRED! With its weekly art-making sessions, members are able to work on long-term masterpieces alongside friends and guidance from instructors will be provided! Fun workshops will also be held from time to time, such as wood carving, terrarium making, keychain creation, Photoshop and Illustrator programmes and more! Not only will it be THE platform to engage in therapeutic creative work during a stressful school term but also an excellent opportunity to learn and make art alongside like-minded friends!



The objective of RC4tography is to gather photography enthusiast to share their love for photography with fellow college-mates and provide a sustainable pool of talents to help cover college events.

The members will get a chance to apply what they have leant through the regular photography sharing sessions, where they will share the different photography technics.




ARC4NA is an IG meant to promote the e-sports culture within RC4. Some games played include Counter Strike: Global Offensive, DOTA 2 and Overwatch.

The IG aims to gather people of various backgrounds and bond them together through playing competitive games and to provide residents a platform to pursue their interest and love of the sport. Its members also participates in the annual Inter-College Games.



The RC4 Badminton IG aims to develop a strong sense of interest and passion among the residents towards badminton. As a recreational IG, players with all levels of different experience in the sport will be welcomed to join and participate in the schedules training and/or games session.

During the course of training, the IG hopes to train members to an acceptable skill level to be able to enjoy the sport while having fun with their friends and staying fit. Eventually, members of the IGs will be able to represent RC4 in Inter-College Games and attain victory.



Held at Sports and Recreational Centre’s outdoor basketball court, the Basketball IG serves as a platform for students who are passionate about basketball to compete (in a friendly way) and learn from one another. The IG encourages people to strive for excellence regardless of their experience and skill levels in order to pursue their passion and interests. Through weekly training sessions, it hopes to build strong bonds and team spirit among its members.


Captain's Ball

Captain’s ball is a mixed sport that can be played in any setting with minimal equipment. As such, it can help to promote inclusiveness and interaction between different genders and like other sports, the IG serves as a selection ground for choosing players to be represented in Inter-College Games held in the 2nd semester.

Captain's Ball_Web


Climbing entails support from other climbers both physically and mentally. Mental resilience and camaraderie are assets that can be gained through climbing. As the saying goes “it is not about how you fall, it is about how you pick yourself up again”.

Rock climbing IG is a recreational IG for climbers of all climbing abilities residing in RC4. It aims to expose new climbers to the basics of climbing, as well as, to provide a platform for climbers to form a supportive community.



Dodgeball is a game in which 2 teams, with 6 people a side, throw balls at each other while trying to avoid getting hit by balls thrown at them. The game is such that players will be eliminated by getting hit by balls or catching the balls thrown by the other team. The winning team is decided by the number of players left after time runs out or if the entire team is eliminated before the time runs out.

The IG hopes to foster teamwork and create strong friendships among RC4 residents and prepares players for the annual Inter-College Games.



RC4 Floorball IG aims to help players (with or without prior experience) develop and maintain their interest in this sport. Furthermore, the IG includes fitness and bonding between our members, as well as eventually playing for RC4 in the inter-college games.



RC4occer brings together like-minded people to bond over all things soccer! Whether one is a soccer fanatic or completely new the sport, the IG has something for everyone! With a fun-loving and friendly atmosphere, one can come de-stress and chill over live screenings, a game of FIFA or play a heart-pumping and enjoying game with new-found mates. The IG members are also trained up to represent the college in the annual Inter-College Games!



RC4 Squash aims to introduce to new players the game through weekly trainings. It will be a time to make friends and have fun through the sport, while improving general fitness amongst players.



RC4 Table-Tennis IG aims to provide a space for interested people to share in the joy of the sport! It is a recreational IG that caters to beginners and experienced players alike. In and out of training sessions, the IG hopes to build team spirit and foster friendships!

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Two sessions per week, the IG aims to cater to those who are interested in learning tennis and to further the interests and skills of those who have had experience with the sport. The IG is a recreational where members are able to socialise with fellow tennis peers and sweat it out on the court after school so as to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Tchoukball is an unique and interesting sport that challenges one’s flexibility and alertness. The best part about tchouk is that there are multiple tactics that allow one to be a good player on court, thus challenges the player to be creative. The IG is created to provide a platform for students to explore a different type of game play and experience something new. It hopes the sport will provide students the opportunity to de-stress and just have fun!


Touch Rugby

RC4 Touch Rugby aims to provide a friendly yet challenging environment to cultivate Touch Rugby in RC4, with the objective of fostering new bonds and growth in the sport. The IG wants to create an community to play Touch Rugby, and contribute to RC4’s growing sports culture.

Touch Rugby_Web

Utimate Frisbee

RC4 Ultimate Frisbee is an interest group that aims to raise interest and passion for the sport and anyone is welcome to new and experienced players alike. It hopes to spread the "joy of ultimate" and encourages players to be the additional invisible player on the field as all cheer each other on no matter the score.



The Volleyball IG aims to maintain a team that can train and play together leisurely, while continuing to strive towards competing and thriving in the Inter-College Games. It hopes to forge and create long-lasting relationships between players through the sport, and to create an encouraging and enjoyable learning environment for interested residents to pick up a new sport.



WilderNUS is an IG created with the intention of exposing members to a multitude of sporting activities. These activities include water sports such as Stand-up Paddling, Flow-riding, Wake-boarding, Kayaking and Windsurfing; as well as other land activities such as Night Cycling, Camping, Laser Tag, Rock Climbing and Ice-skating.