Lehman Shock in 20008 was the final proof that our current debt money system does not work. In that year, two historical publication took place coincidentally, which might transform our current money system of more than 250 years old: ASD macroeconomic model and Bitcoin. Since then, with ASD modeling method, the alternative system design of debt-free money, first proposed by Irving Fisher (1933), has been developed as the public money system by Yamaguchi (2013). It provides a significant part of economic solutions, but it lacks a system design of bitcoin, a peer-to-peer blockchain-based payment, proposed by Nakamoto \cite[2008]{Bitcoin}. This paper proposes a grand design that integrates public money system and peer-to-peer blockchain technology as p2p public money system. It then identifies 6 different payments, with simple SD models, under the current debt money system, and argues that these complicated payments remain under the public money system to a certain degree, but gets simplified into only one peer-to-peer payment under the p2p public money system, eliminating income inequality between financiers and non-financiers. Finally, it suggests the need for world-wide blockchain protocols that enable these transactions of p2p public money system.